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Ages – 13 and above | 1:1 or Group Coaching


In the midst of self-discovery, social survival and navigating life’s possibilities on the roller coaster adolescent journey, this program will empower, inspire and equip teenagers to become the leader of their life, achieve personal greatness and create a thriving wellbeing.

There are three overarching modules in this personal leadership program:

1) AWARENESS – Discovering the power of becoming the leader of their life through greater self-awareness, self belief, and resilience – and becoming empowered and inspired to get the “monkeys” of their back.

  • Key Focus: Personal leadership, resilience, inspiration, empowerment

2) ALIGNMENT –  Designing a personalised vision that fosters greater self discovery, positive school engagement, and the exploration of post-school possibilities – and becoming confident, optimistic and driven by purpose.

  • Key Focus: Positive engagement, meaning, authentic strengths, career pathways, finances and budgeting, success, achievement

3) ACTION PLAN – Delivering on the vision by executing strategies that enable peak performance, enrich learning and build mental toughness and grit – and having the clarity, practical tips and inspiration to take immediate action to achieve their game plan, maintain a monkey-free zone, and create a thriving future. Teens will discover how to develop greater emotional intelligence to proactively monitor their own mental health, adopt healthy and practical ways to cope with stress and anxiety to build resilience, and break the ‘fear’ barrier and effectively reach out for help when times get really tough, including where to go for help.

  • Key Focus: Study skills, goal setting, positive mindset, focus, exam preparation, stress management, social media addiction.

This coaching program fosters personal development, positive psychology and wellbeing, enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing of teens, expanding their personal leadership capabilities and enriching their learning experience and overall level of engagement at school. Key topics covered (but not limited to) include personal leadership, resilience, optimism, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, hope, relationships, character traits, careers, finances and maintaining good mental health.

personalised and results-focussed approach underpins each coachee’s journey, with tried, tested and proven evidence-based tools used to ignite personal transformation. Depending on the needs of you or your child, support is customised and tailored to help achieve goals.

Teen coaching packages are available upon request. 

To find out more, please email or complete the enquiry box below on this page, including your goals and type of support requested, and Daniel will make direct contact with you to discuss further.


Coachee Testimonials

Virtual Companies
CoachingTeen Empower Hour
“Energetic and entertaining. So much fun. There was never a dull moment. Highly recommend”.

Oakhill College

Year 10 student
CoachingTeen Empower Hour
“When I first met Daniel, he gave me a firm handshake, getting that enthusiastic vibe that Daniel loves to show. The energy Daniel puts into coaching me and other young teenagers is unbelievable. He would always be on-top of his game and ready to help however he could. When Daniel and I sat down to talk about my future and the goals I wanted to set, he completely understood where I was coming from and the vision I had for my future. He gave me his advice from a man with experience with failure and success and kept using this quote…


Year 11 student
CoachingTeen Empower Hour
“Daniel was a helpful and compassionate coach who helped me understand my true potential and learn skills and study techniques to overcome procrastination and become a more motivated person. Daniel’s professionalism and insightful ideas challenged my thinking and encouraged me to open my mind to new ideas and allowed me to set realistic goals which had previously seemed impossible. Without his guidance and unrelenting perseverance, I don’t believe I would have had the success that I did ultimately achieve”.


Year 11 student
“What an incredible journey ! When I started coaching with Daniel Merza on 28 November 2018, I weighed 133.3kg. Within a short space of time, I lost 18kg, weighing 115.2kg, as at 25 April 2019. The drop in size has even been felt when wearing my clothes. For example, I put on my pair of jeans without a belt, they slip, which previously didn’t happen. I received so many benefits from being personally coaching by Daniel. Here are a few examples: Daniel helped me set effective goals – both short and long term Daniel helped me stay focused and achieve my goals…


Business Owner
“Coaching with Daniel has helped me to take a step back from the busy-ness of work and life and take the time to reflect on myself and what makes me happy. He reminded me that I am not defined by my occupation and that I should be living my life with purpose and not on auto-pilot. Throughout my time with Daniel, he has helped me reflect on my fears in particularly my self-doubt and self-confidence issues which often led me to be afraid of change & getting outside of my comfort zone. He helped me to realise that fear is just…


Corporate Professional
“I found all sessions with Daniel to be very engaging and relevant. Through Daniel’s recommendations, I overcame my personal struggle of striving to perfect and focused more on time management as well as the completion of tasks at hand. My ability to reach personal goals through listing priorities in categories as recommended resulted in the completion of more tasks in less time. Becoming more punctual was also the result of Daniel’s recommendations and techniques. Learning to be self sufficient and more independent was also achieved through Daniel’s technique of blocking time. The sessions were beneficial in that they were sequential and feedback…


Corporate Professional
“Wow what a journey it has been. I never knew why people had a life coach nor the benefits until being coached by Daniel. I started with a goal that I have been procrastinating on for a few years now and before the coaching sessions, I never had anything or anyone that encouraged me and taught me to motivate myself and persist until I reached it . My goal was more of a lifestyle change and with Daniel’s guidance, techniques and tools, I found the strength in myself to tackle all the obstacles in my way and lose the weight I had set…


Single Parent of Three Children, Business Owner
“My journey with Daniel started with wanting to improve my professional life and my outlook on my career but within the first couple of sessions, Daniel helped me discover that what I really needed was much deeper. I soon learned that I needed to know more about myself and who I am. I came on a journey of self-discovery, to find out who I am, who I can be and what is possible for me. As we progressed through the sessions, I learned new things about myself and who I have always been. Session by session, I became more self-aware, I…


Wife & Parent of Three Children, Corporate Professional
“Daniel has been a great influence on my Real Estate career so far. He is very enthusiastic and has provided great information when needed. He is always happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to work, personal life, fitness etc. Daniel has done excellent presentations in my office to the rest of the team and we all learnt a great deal from it. I would highly recommend Daniel to anybody looking at growing their business, changing to a healthier lifestyle and goal setting.”


Real Estate Agent
Daniel Merza

About Daniel

Daniel Merza is a wellbeing and leadership specialist, award-winning international speaker, teen coach and author.

Having worn the “underdog” cap growing up, Daniel’s story can be summed up in three words – “Defying the odds”.

Bullied for a decade, diagnosed with a mental illness aged 13, and labelled as a student with “no hope”, Daniel faced up to his tormentors at 16 and turned his life around.

During an illustrious corporate career spanning 15 years with leading companies like KPMG and BDO, Daniel spent considerable time developing the weaker spots of younger staff – such as tenacity, emotional intelligence, stress management, self confidence, and leadership – as part of his senior leadership roles.

Having witnessed first-hand as a manager the degree to which young people lacked the essential skills to thrive post-school, Daniel left behind a six figure corporate pay packet to embark upon his mission to inspire tenacity, optimism and empowerment in high school students and “get them ready” to flourish in the real world.

Based in Sydney, Daniel has developed clever and fun ways to engage, empower and equip thousands of people worldwide to get the monkeys off their back and become the ​leader of their life. He has been featured on the radio and various newspaper and media outlets, and his work has also been acknowledged in NSW Parliament.

Daniel was a keynote speaker at the Middle East Youth Expo 2020 in Abu Dhabi, the largest youth event in the region with 10,000 students attending. Daniel also toured the UAE, speaking at high schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Daniel is also the author of Get the Monkeys off Your Back, a book specifically written for teens (and parents/educators), covering important topics such as self leadership, resilience, mental health, bullying, social media addiction, self discovery and peak performance.