Leader Of Your Life

Empowering your staff to take charge of their lives by building an inspiring vision and cultivating unwavering self-belief and resilience.

AUDIENCE: Staff (all levels) and leaders
TIME: Empower Hour, with the option to expand into a Dynamic Day or Super Series Program
DELIVERY MODE: Onsite or virtually via zoom
KEY FOCUS: Personal leadership, resilience, tenacity, goals, high performance, and empowerment

In this engaging, interactive, and highly impactful session, packed with inspirational stories and easy-to-implement strategises, attendees will:

  • Discover the 5 Monkeys inhibiting success and learn strategies to get them off their back, fostering resilience and self-leadership while avoiding stagnation in growth and decreased performance.
  • Develop an inspiring vision for their lives, providing clarity and direction to achieve professional and personal goals.
  • Cultivate unwavering self-belief and resilience, enabling them to navigate challenges and setbacks with confidence and tenacity.
  • Experience a transformative journey towards personal empowerment, fostering a positive work culture and enhancing overall wellbeing.

Attendees will leave this presentation empowered and with the clarity, practical tips and inspiration to take immediate action to maximise their potential in their professional and personal life.

By investing in LEADER OF YOUR LIFE, organisations reap the rewards of heightened engagement, increased productivity, and a positive work culture, while reducing turnover and stress to create a more resilient and efficient workforce.


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