Behaviour Management Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

As educators, you’re well aware of the challenges that arise when managing student engagement and behaviour policy. Daniel values the financial and time investment made by the school to support student wellbeing and leadership by choosing to run this incursion and endeavours to ensure they receive the best possible experience.

Whilst not very often, there may be instances where a student or students become disruptive during a seminar, therefore slowing the flow of the delivery and impacting the experience of others.

To manage student misbehaviour, it is the responsibility of all teachers present to be diligent with supervision. Ideally, it would be best if Daniel is not directly involved in managing student behaviour from stage so his rapport with students can be maintained.

Here are a few suggestions that we’ve found to have worked that teaching staff can implement to ensure all students gain an optimal experience from the seminar and to help avoid and deal with student misbehaviour during the seminar.


  • Separate known students from each other who have a history of being disruptive when together
  • Ensure there are enough teaching staff present to monitor and deal with misbehaviour


  • The behavioural expectations set by the person prior to introducing Daniel is crucial in ensuring an optimal experience for all. The standard set, and instructions given will shape student attentiveness, and discourage students from testing the boundaries with “the guest speaker”.
  • Prior to handing the microphone over to Daniel, the lead staff member can share why the school has organised the session, what they hope students will gain, and importantly, the behavioural expectations, and then “Please welcome Daniel.”
  • ​Daniel prefers not having a formal “bio based introduction” and will introduce himself to students when sharing his story during the opening 5 -10 minutes of his presentation. Therefore, no formal introduction is required.
  • If you prefer to share something about Daniel, then feel free to include the following: “Daniel is a well-being and leadership specialist and speaks at many schools across Australia and internationally. He has also written a book which I’m sure he’ll tell you more about”…and then Daniel can take over from there.


  • Separate students chatting
  • Asking repeat offenders to leave

With the nature of the extended seminars, students will be required to do workbook activities that require personal reflection and light meditation so it is pertinent that student misbehaviour is called out and addressed.

**Please ensure that all staff who will be supervising on the day have read the above policy**