A Game Changing Book to inspire resilience and optimism for the next generation

Implement Strategies

Watch Out. You’ve got monkeys on your back

They are stopping you from living a happy life. An honest life. A healthy life.

These monkeys are preventing you from reaching your full potential – in the classroom, on the sporting field and on the streets of life.

They are hard to see, and harder to recognise. Until now.

Inside the covers of this game-changing book, you will get to know Enzo, Scooter, Darryl, Tyson and Moi – and discover how to get these monkeys off your back.

Written in a conversational way, this book is packed with inspirational stories and easy-to-implement strategies to help you:

  • develop greater self-awareness and unlock self-belief and potential
  • develop healthy relationships to beat bullying and peer pressure
  • identify social media addiction and take the steps to beat it
  • manage mental health issues
  • overcome failure, setbacks and adversity

It’s time to step up, take control and become the leader of your life.

It’s time to get the monkeys off your back.

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The Virtual Experience

About The Author

Daniel Merza is a wellbeing and leadership specialist, award-winning international speaker, coach and author.
Having worn the “underdog” cap growing up, Daniel’s story can be summed up in three words – Defying the odds”.
Bullied for a decade, diagnosed with a mental illness at 13, and labelled as a student with “no hope”, Daniel Merza faced up to his tormentors at 16 and turned his life around.

During an illustrious corporate career spanning 15 years with leading companies like KPMG and BDO, Daniel spent considerable time developing the weaker spots of younger staff – such as tenacity, emotional intelligence, stress management, self confidence and leadership – as part of his senior leadership roles.
Having witnessed first hand as a manager the degree to which young people lacked the essential skills to thrive post-school, Daniel left behind a six figure pay packet to embark upon his mission to inspire tenacity, optimism and empowerment in the next generation and “get them ready” to flourish in the real world.

Based in Sydney, Daniel has developed clever and fun ways to engage, empower, and equip thousands of people worldwide to get the monkeys off their back and become the leader of their life. He has been featured on the radio and various newspaper and media outlets, and his work has been acknowledged in NSW Parliament.

Daniel was a keynote speaker at the Middle East Youth Expo 2020 in Abu Dhabi, the largest youth event in the region with 10,000 students attending. Daniel also toured the UAE, speaking at high schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
To find out more about Daniel’s school presentations and programs, click here.


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