Monkey Challenge

Welcome to the MONKEY CHALLENGE 

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**Applicable to high school students only**

Share and describe your most dominant monkey in a creative way (straight after session) and the ONE strategy you plan on actioning to get that dominant monkey off your back – as part of the 10 day challenge:

  • ​Include hashtag #GetTheMonkeysOffYourBack
  • ​Tag @danielmerza on IG or @danielmerzaofficial on TT (so it appears on my end)

Creative ways include:

  • Video – talking to camera
  • Video – voiceover
  • Video – no words – messages in writing
  • Written text with image
  • Song
  • Poem

**Get as creative as you can**

Choose one of the following ways to post:

  • Post on IG or TT
  • Story share on IG
  • DM (to me) on IG – if you prefer to be private

Up to you how you want to join and take part.

OK – after applying the ONE strategy in Step 2 as part of the 10 DAY CHALLENGE, share the progress you’ve made and how you got that dominant monkey off your back so you can encourage and inspire others to do the same.

So I can share your win on my page to inspire others, DON’T FORGET to:

  • ​Tag @danielmerza on IG or @danielmerzaofficial on TT (so it appears on my end)
  • ​Include hashtag #GetTheMonkeysOffYourBack

Check out Nathan’s Monkey Challenge video