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A Journey Through Reflection, Vision & Transformation

As we embrace the new year, I took a moment during the break for some profound reflection, finding solace in moments of solitude. In this introspective space, I uncovered 23 invaluable lessons gleaned from the tapestry of experiences that composed 2023.

These lessons, some fresh and others reinforced, have proven to be guiding beacons in my journey, and I’m eager to share them with you.

My hope is that these insights will resonate and serve as catalysts to positively shape your path as you navigate the possibilities of 2024 and beyond.



  1. The most important decision to make every single day is to take charge, create and protect our ENERGY.
  2. The single MOST IMPORTANT HABIT that elevates every domain of life is the early morning rise. Win the morning. Win the day.
  3. Making it a habit to say ‘NO’ before committing to anything and anyone is character building and liberating.
  4. OUR BELIEFS SHAPE OUR REALITY. Opt for optimism every day.
  5. It’s OK to be addicted to finding anything SALTED CARAMEL when shopping.
  6. TRUST YOUR GUT. ALWAYS. It’s your best guide and more valuable than intellect.
  7. QUESTIONS MATTER MORE than having all the answers.
  8. FASTING (for several days) is a GAME-CHANGER, cultivating heightened focus, energy, and longevity.
  9. PROGRESS BRINGS JOY, not just accolades.
  10. Regular ICE BATHS fosters resilience, physical rejuvenation, and mental clarity.
  11. HOLD THE VISION and TRUST THE PROCESS. Grand things will come.
  13. REST and RECOVERY is not a cool idea, but a MUST to fuel peak performance, optimal wellbeing and inner peace.
  14. True friends are RARE GEMS, always there when needed.
  15. SELF REFLECTION is a superpower, and journaling is both the cheapest and quickest counseling session you can have.
  16. The struggle ends, when GRATITUDE begins, but it’s a habit.
  17. IT’S OKAY to feel down, but don’t stay there. Asking for help is a sign of humanity and humility – and fosters TENACITY.
  18. SLOW DOWN, JUST BE, and let go. The tranquility of mind and heart is a treasure beyond compare, far more valuable than gold.
  19. GREEN TIME is the underrated gem for spiritual growth, creative production, and inner healing.
  20. KINDNESS MATTERS. It’s oxygen for everyone.
  21. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Self-compassion wins over guilt.
  22. CARE. DON’T ASSUME. Many struggle silently.
  23. FAMILY FIRST. Giving undivided attention is priceless. For my 14-month-old daughter Annabella, the game doesn’t matter; what counts is just being there and fully present.



I caught on to the social media trend late 2023 and put together a 15 second compilation video of 2023. It’s amazing what you can extract from flicking through your camera roll as part of the reflective process.

The most beautiful and significant highlight was my daughter Annabella turning 1. She has taught me so much already and has poured so much joy, purpose and fun into our life.

Continuing the privilege of inspiring lives from all walks of life, in particular, young hearts and minds in my home country of Australia, alongside memorably wrapping up 2023 with speaking engagements in the UAE again, empowering schools communities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and leaving a lasting impact.

In particular, I was touched by the efforts of mental health ambassadors from the American Academy for Girls in Dubai – who went to great lengths to organise my visit to their school. Their determination and dedication moved me beyond words.



I’ve got a little something extra to help you kickstart 2024 on the right foot.

As a free gift to you, I’ve crafted a special workbook, a compass to guide you through reflection, vision-building, and a roadmap for the next five years. This isn’t just any workbook. It’s your personal toolkit to reflect on the past year, plan for the year ahead, and sketch out the grand picture you aspire to create in the next five years.

It’s packed with thoughtful prompts and exercises designed to help you dive deep, envision your future, and set achievable goals. I’m excited to share this valuable resource with you because I truly believe it will help frame your goals, nurture your aspirations, and make 2024 and beyond your best years yet.

As you continue into the new year, I’ll leave you with the inspiring words of Terry Orlick:

The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

(Terry Orlick)

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