Post Program Follow Through

Post Program follow through

Incursions have been designed to feed into a broader student wellbeing framework and enable embedment and reinforcement of Daniel’s core content tied to “monkeys” – follow through schools reflection, conversation and action. It’s about setting up the foundation from which positive progress and change can occur – both on a personal level and a whole school culture level.

To maximise student experience and learning during the seminar and to support post program implementation and enable permeation and reinforcement of the monkeys (and strategies to get them off), two resources are provided:

1) A worksheet / workbook for students (for most sessions) to partially complete and take notes during the seminar and revisit and complete post-session (with the support and guidance of pastoral teachers). We recommend informing students that they will receive a worksheet/workbook that they will need to work through during the incursion, as well as after the incursion in their designed pastoral lessons. Daniel will mention the importance of the workbook during his delivery. This resource will be emailed to the school BEFORE the incursion has been delivered.

2) A post-session summary illustration of the seminar content for both pastoral teachers (and students) that can be used to unpack content and messages further in pastoral care lessons through the process of facilitation. Note, the illustration provides an abundance of topic discussion options that teachers can lead and engage students in during their pastoral care lessons. For example, Lesson 1 might focus on unpacking the monkey ENZO. Lesson 2 might go on to unpack the monkey DARRYL. And so forth. This resource is emailed to the school AFTER the incursion has been delivered.

Both of the above two resources allow for effective follow through schools to ensure positive action steps are taken, embedment and reinforcement.