Onsite Setup – Company

Setup Checklist

Please arrange for the following setup companies:

  • Either lapel mic (preferred), or cordless microphone – for Daniel to speak from – for audiences > 30
  • Lectern
  • Table set to the side, next to the lectern, with a bottle of water
  • For full day program delivery, Daniel’s lunch usually consists of a light wrap, salad and fruit. If this cannot be arranged, please let us know and an alternative can be arranged.
  • Digital projector and screen with video and audio capability (for music and videos). A headphone jack will be required to be plugged into Daniel’s laptop / or iPhone.
  • HDMI or VGA capability (Daniel will bring his Macbook Air to run the presentation).
  • If possible, a spare powerpoint clicker (as a back up) – in the event that Daniel’s clicker stops working during the session.
  • Dimmed lighting is preferred for optimal experience and slideshow and video display.
  • Depending on the size of the group, the preferred seating style is usually theatre style on chairs (not floor), with a walkway in the middle to allow Daniel to use to reach audience members.
  • An air-conditioned room would be ideal (especially for hotter months) to enhance overall experience.
  • Unless advised not to you, Daniel may arrange for the session(s) to be photographed and video recorded, with all content specific to the organisation kept confidential. If you prefer that footage of faces not be taken, Daniel will ensure only back of head footage is taken without the visibility of faces.
  • Daniel would appreciate it if the setup companies a designated photographer to capture moments from the session, including candid audience shots and a group shot at the end. Smartphone images are sufficient.
  • If possible and time permits, Daniel would also appreciate receiving very short video testimonials from preselected attendees – to be taken immediately after the session using Daniel’s smartphone.
  • Audio and video recording of the session is not allowed. Thank you for respecting Daniel’s intellectual property.
  • Printed workbook placed on chairs
  • An introduction for Daniel can be accessed here