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The GREATEST experience ever

2 October 2022 at 9.58am

A day I will never forget…

The birth of our first child – Princess Annabella ❤️

We spent 7 days in hospital.

For my wife, it was an extremely enduring and insufferable journey.

For me, it was really hard witnessing her unbearable pain and feeling helpless for the most part.

Thankfully, both Mum and Bub are well and healthy… and so is Daddy.

Many reflections, realisations and life lessons emerged over these 7 days (a conversation for another day).

Words cannot describe the strength and courage that my wife displayed throughout.

By Sunday 2 October, it was Day 4 at the hospital, My wife was initially admitted to be induced, and as a result, had experienced unbearable pain for the most part of 4 days. My mother in law and I were with her for the entirety of those days, until visiting hours ended at 8.00pm.

That morning, my mother in law and I were getting ready to the hospital (visiting hours commenced at 8.00am). My wife called me at 6.30am and told me that the natural birth process was making some progress, and the doctors mentioned they would see how things developed that day. It didn’t appear things were moving fast, but it was highly anticipated that the full dilation and contractions would be in place by that afternoon.

When arriving at the hospital birthing unit at 8.30am, my wife was in tears. She had just been told that a c-section birth was required. Having endured so much over the 4 days in attempting to deliver Annabella naturally per medical advice, it was a big slap in the face to then be told that she needed a c-section, but Annabella’s heartbeat had dropped significantly and it was too risky to keep her inside. It was not negotiable.

From that moment, the pace intensified rapidly. Within minutes, she was taken to the c-section operating room. I accompanied her in total shock and overwhelm to the entry point, but then told to wait outside until called in.

I’ll never forget just waiting…

The most anxious and terrified I’ve ever been…

The Virtual Experience

I could only imagine what my wife was going through on the other side of that door…

I was breathing heavily, sweating, and panicking…

It seems all too surreal because only 30 minutes prior, everything was on track for a natural birth…

The c-section procedure was not the birth process we were expecting. It was happening all too quickly…

Nonetheless, I needed to rise up and show up as the best husband I could be – loving, supporting, encouraging and reassuring…

Then, the door opened and I heard my name. “Daniel? You’re the father?”.

It was the midwife…indicating that I was allowed to enter and join my wife…

In spite of the fear, the greatest moment of our life was about to take place.

And after just 10 minutes, the sound of Annabella’s cry and view of her face emerged for the first time…

Mum and dad in complete awe and wonder…with tears of immense joy.

A blessing and miracle.

​Praise God ?

And truly the greatest experience ever…

That has taken my why – personal and professional – to a whole new level…

And something I wanted to share with a wave of appreciation to the real superheroes of the living world (women) who go through so much for the creation, celebration and continuation of generations ?

The Virtual Experience

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